Industrial Machines

Industrial Machines


One of stakam's main functions is to offer machines for industrial use.

Usually, these machines operate without, or with limited personnel and they are tailored for specific products or specific customer needs.

They may be autonomous, work in tandem with other machines, or belong to a production line.

Static or mobile, small or large, simple or complex, they integrate electronics, mechanics, pneumatics, hydraulics, computer control, graphical user interfaces and robust  construction.


Their common characteristics are:

  • "human safety first" operation principle,
  • ease of use,
  • fault tolerance,
  • long life.

Machines are meant to function according to customers' requirements.

Thus, at stakam we painstakingly make sure that we deliver what the customer needs, beginning from the specifications phase, to test runs, up to full-scale operation.


Most of all, stakam supports customers' activities and is eager to assist if e.g. a plant's capacity must be increased, or new products get added to the portfolio.


It is our job to study and offer new solutions !