Stakam, a family-owned SME.

Located in the center of Athens, Greece, started in 1970, and transormed into S.A. in 2003.

Stakam deals with Mechatronic and Robotic Systems, Industrial Automation, Specialised Machines and Production Lines for various goods (standard or highly customised).

With a strong background in electronics, mechanics and software engineering, stakam offers optimised solutions according to the  specifications and needs of each particular application, whether it  regards excavation mines and tunnels, luxurιοus soft goods, cargo belts, test racks for novel aircraft-control-surfaces, study of  self-monitoring cable harnesses, or air traffic control systems.

Stakam S.A. :
- approaches each subject totally and yet radically,
- delivers right from the feasibility study, up to the required equipment, either for the improvement of an established process, or for the invention and implementation of a new method,
- assists customers in every aspect from redesigning goods for manufacturability up to the study and manufacture of innovative products in experimental / trial / small scale / large scale schemes,
- trains the production personnel,
- appreciates and respects the value of knowledge, guarding the customers' industrial secrets and intellectual property rights.