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Innovation is our business...


We innovate and we are glad to help you innovate whether you wish to produce goods with advanced properties,

automate your factory floor, implement unconventional processes, or conduct break-through experiments.


As you will read in the "solutions" section, our activities are mainly  focused in applied innovation.

In other words, we implement or help  implement innovations regarding the production of tangible goods, bringing profits to our customers.


It is worth noting that in our days, the time gap between fundamental research and real-world applications seems to be getting slimmer.

At first sight, this is a paradox, since fundamental research is destined  to study more difficult notions with each progress made.

However, scientific research during the last decades has been driven towards  market needs, in an effort to assure funding through promoting industrial competitiveness.

This orientation, combined with information technology's outstanding progress and benefits, and the examples of exotic theories that became common practice (e.g. lasers playing CDs and cutting metals), forged a "culture of innovation".

Hence, university students are eager to create a "spin-off" in order to exploit their findings in areas ranging from quantum mechanics (e.g. in quantum computers, or quantum telecommunications) to neurobiology (e.g. in producing fragrances with memorable characteristics).

Consequently, innovation relies more and more on synergies and cooperation.

Stakam shares this culture and participates in this innovation-centric society.


In the immediate future, the open-data initiatives are forecasted to act as major research accelerators.

Yet, knowledge dissemination still has to be governed by prudency. Since time-to-market diminishes, one's effort may become another's product, while the inventor still celebrates the achievement.

In stakam, customers' industrial secrets, methods, know-how and intellectual property rights in general, are heavily guarded.

We understand that even the slightest detail disclosure may affect the economic viability of a project, or a paper's element of originality.

Thus we treat all cases and all discussions as strictly confidential, without exceptions.

We do not publish or circulate any customer's - or potential customer's - photos, plans, samples, work, information whether a business deal is  made, or not.


Of course, we are willing to sign non-disclosure agreements upon request.

Information about data protection

Within stakam, the protection of personal data such as names, addresses, telephone numbers and e-mail addresses is very important.  We do not collect any personal data whatsoever via our websites without your consent. Any information entered into forms is given voluntarily: you alone decide whether you want to provide us with such data, either in the context of a registration procedure, a survey, or similar. In general, we will use your personal data to answer your query, process your order or grant you access to specific information or offers. You have the right to withdraw your consent for your data to be stored and processed. We do not sell, trade or rent personal data to third parties.



Please, note that due to the current level of information technology associated with the world wide web, it would be wise to regard your interaction with any webpage, (including ours), as public. We cannot - and we do not - guarantee the security of any data you voluntarily or involuntarily "publish" using the internet, or of your personal data or of any data existing in the device(s) you use to connect to the internet. Please, also note that viruses and other malevolent software spreading through the internet may damage the device(s) you use to connect to the internet and any other interconnected device, and may negatively affect you in numerous ways. Please, take all necessary precaution measures. We do not accept any responsibility for direct or indirect damage caused, or adverse effects of any kind.


“Cookies” – Information stored automatically on your device

Stakam supports the reduction of the usage of cookies (down to a minimum necessity imposed by modern webpage software).


Notes on intellectual property

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This website and its contents should ideally serve as a brief introduction to stakam s.a. (herein "stakam"). This website does not address any person in particular and it is not intended to provide complete and precise information on any particular subject. It does not suggest that any opinions, methods, practices, products are fit for one specific purpose or another. It is not intended to offer any advice, neither to propose any actions, nor to propose any lack of actions. Consequently, stakam disclaims and excludes all liability or warranty with regard to the correctness, accuracy, completeness, up-to-dateness, and any other quality of the information (texts, pictures, sketches, videos, charts, graphs, algorithms, and data in general) provided on this website. There is no warranty of merchantability, no warranty of fitness for a particular use, and no other warranty of any kind, express or implied, regarding the information or any other aspect of this website. This website may provide links to other websites. stakam disclaims all liability and warranty with respect to any information obtained from and your  interaction with any website that you reach by means of such a link. Any software running on this website and its results, are provided to the user “as is”. All risks regarding the quality of the software and any results obtained from its use remain with the user. The user must take appropriate security precautions against possible mal-operation. The website contents may change at anytime, without prior notice, and they do not bind stakam for any reason. stakam does not accept any responsibility for direct or indirect  damage caused (e.g. loss of profit, loss of orders) or adverse effects of any kind due to this webpage.






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Stakam, a family-owned SME.

Located in the center of Athens, Greece, started in 1970, and transormed into S.A. in 2003.

Stakam deals with Mechatronic and Robotic Systems, Industrial Automation, Specialised Machines and Production Lines for various goods (standard or highly customised).

With a strong background in electronics, mechanics and software engineering, stakam offers optimised solutions according to the  specifications and needs of each particular application, whether it  regards excavation mines and tunnels, luxurιοus soft goods, cargo belts, test racks for novel aircraft-control-surfaces, study of  self-monitoring cable harnesses, or air traffic control systems.

Stakam S.A. :
- approaches each subject totally and yet radically,
- delivers right from the feasibility study, up to the required equipment, either for the improvement of an established process, or for the invention and implementation of a new method,
- assists customers in every aspect from redesigning goods for manufacturability up to the study and manufacture of innovative products in experimental / trial / small scale / large scale schemes,
- trains the production personnel,
- appreciates and respects the value of knowledge, guarding the customers' industrial secrets and intellectual property rights.